Our Mission


Our Mission Statement

CrazyMothers is a 501 (c)(3) dedicated to spreading vaccine injury and recovery awareness.

We work with mothers to help them gain true informed consent, so the decision to vaccinate (or not!) comes from a place of knowledge as opposed to fear.  

We strive to help parents who are dealing with a child’s vaccine injury, pointing them toward resources which will begin their journey to recovery.

We are dedicated to helping parents feel empowered as they make decisions in regard to their children’s health.

Crazymothers’ Credo


We are crazy passionate about the health and well-being of our children.

We are crazy informed about vaccines and vaccine injury.

We are crazy confident in our ability to heal our children.

We are crazy heartbroken by stories of vaccine injury or death.

We are crazy inspired by stories of vaccine injury recovery.

We are crazy eager to share our knowledge with other families.

We are crazy accepting of all lifestyles, religions, races and genders.

We are crazy loud when speaking our truth.

We are crazy honest about the corruption behind the vaccine industry.

We are crazy appalled at the government’s lack of vaccine safety.

We are crazy invested in saving the future generations.

We are crazy powerful when we stand together.

We are crazy hopeful that one day, we will change the world.

We are Crazymothers.