This goes out to the friends.

The ones who don’t care if your house is clean. 

The ones who grab a tissue and wipe your toddler’s nose without a second thought.

The ones who show up with wine, or coffee, or flowers because your ex is a horrible excuse for a human. 

The ones that send you ridiculous memes at all hours of the day.

The ones whom your children love.


My friend,

I need you to know that right now, in our very state, my children’s rights have been taken away. 

I can no longer send my children to school. 

My beautiful, healthy children who call you Auntie. They are not allowed in public education. They are bullied and referred to as “Crotch Goblin.” They are ostracized, they are feared and they are now being segregated.

I know this doesn’t affect you personally since you vaccinate, but I’m writing this to ask you for help.

Scratch that.

This is a trumpets-blaring, flare-gun-firing, screaming-at-the-top-of-my-lungs, on-my-knees, plea.


Slowly but surely, my children’s rights to an education are being stripped away by laws such as LD798 in Maine which removed the philosophical AND religious vaccine exemptions. That means in order to attend school where I live, my children would have to get vaccinated. 

Yes, medical exemptions still exist but are reserved for severe, immediate reactions such as anaphylactic shock. Let’s be real.

Medical exemptions are like unicorns. They just don’t exist.

So now, as a newly single mom with 3 children, I am forced into a horrific corner.

Option A: Vaccinate my kids on the “catch up” schedule which would include over 35 vaccines. 

Option B: Homeschool

Option C: Move out of state

Now let’s breakdown the options for “real life.”

Option A: 

My son has already had a vaccine reaction. I spent years, thousands of dollars and worked with amazing doctors who helped me recover his health. I later learned that he (and the other two) are both homozygous for numerous MTHFR genetic mutations. This means they received a copy of the gene from both sides of the family tree. This also means they are not able to detoxify from the ingredients in the vaccines as well as other children might be able to. 

My children are part of a genetically susceptible subset of children that are being harmed by laws such as LD798. 

Knowing what I know now and having experienced what I did with my son, I would never in my life choose to vaccinate my child. In other words…over my dead body.

Option B: 

I tried homeschooling this year. I can’t lie, I adore everything about the ideology of schooling from home.

In the real world, my daughter was miserable and I was embarrassed about feeling relieved when she returned to her elementary school. I failed that one and chalked up the experience as an amazing lesson. A lesson that taught me I really, really, really, don’t ever want to homeschool again. Ever.

However, my personal situation has shifted dramatically in the span of just a few months and I am now a single mom. Surprise!

That means I am now back in the workforce. That also means that I am no longer afforded the luxury of being able to stay at home with my children. 

Option B is out.

Option C: 

Oddly enough, I am only moving INTO Maine out of necessity. My family is there (yay for family! Especially my sister who is my favorite person EVER!) and I am now relying on them for childcare since bartending shifts rarely cover the expense of three kids in daycare. LD798 takes effect in 2021 which means that I have two years to get my kids settled and make a new life for ourselves before I have to turn around and uproot them AGAIN to move out of state. 

Do I even need to explain why I do a whole-body cringe just thinking about that??

Option C is inevitably what we would do if we can’t find that unicorn by 2021 which leads me back to my “ask.”

I need your fucking help.

All across the country, rallies are happening, protests are popping up, and beautiful, gut-wrenching testimony is being given at capitol buildings to help fight these ridiculous laws! We are fighting with everything we have at the state level and that’s where you come in. 

We need the rational, level-headed parents to stand with us and voice their concern about our civil liberties being removed. We need our friends at our backs, speaking to their state legislators as an ally. We need you to let them know that just because you don’t agree with one facet of the argument doesn’t mean that any of our parental rights should be squashed. 

We need you to help us retain our right to choose what is best for the health of our children.

Our children….the ones whom you love.

Please reach out to us so that we can involve you in the local hearings so that you can testify so that you can accompany us to legislative events so that you can support us.

We support you in your choice, please help us fight for ours.


Your friend

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” -Martin Luther King JR.