How are we gonna win this fight? Vaccine-Free and Proud!

How are we gonna win this fight? Vaccine-Free and Proud!

As I sit here writing my inaugural CrazyMothers blog post, the news of my home state of Maine having lost their religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions is echoing throughout my head and heart.

This past legislative session, we have seen numerous states get dragged through the proverbial wringer as they have fought for, defeated, and in some cases lost their freedom to bodily autonomy.

California, Maine, Oregon, Washington, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Vermont, Utah, and Florida.  

All of these states proposed bills that would either mandate vaccines in some way, remove our ability to opt out of vaccines or infringe on our right to keep our medical history private. Due to the vast amount of egregious legislation, our health freedom movement has been thrust into battle. Our troops have been rallied. Our torches have been lit and the war has officially begun.

Whilst fielding emails and phone calls, trying to stay abreast of every rally happening across the country (go team!) as I attempt to create new content in order to inspire our warriors, I can’t help but see the parallel between both my personal and professional lives. With the recent emotional upheaval in my private world-aka divorce-the same thoughts and feelings have been bubbling up in both arenas.

Here are just some of the emotions that have been encircling each other:


How could he do this to me?

How could our Reps do this to us?


What is going to happen now that we aren’t a family?

What is going to happen without our medical freedom?


I don’t even know where to begin.

I don’t know what to do next.


My heart is broken.

My strength has wavered.


How DARE he?!


Over this past congressional season we have seen our movement grow, organize, mobilize, and inspire. We have witnessed protests with thousands in attendance. We have heard spine-tingling speeches and heart-wrenching testimony. We have seen consistent lobbying from “regular” people and stood in awe of our capital buildings. We have traveled, slept in weird places, spent too much money and stayed out too late. We have laughed. We have cried. And we have done it all because we simply can’t NOT do it.

Every mother reading that last sentence knows exactly what I mean. Things get messy. Life gets messy and even though these past few months have been a whirlwind of panic, sadness, anger, and confusion for me personally, I wake up grateful every single day. I have never felt so supported, loved and cared for by my family, friends, and followers than I have during this shitstorm. Grateful is probably an understatement actually, but I’ll get back to you with the right word when I finally get a good night’s sleep, in like 10 years.

Unfortunately, much like sleep, time is a luxury that no longer exists in this fight for medical freedom. The very sanctity of our children’s bodily autonomy is up for grabs and our government is auctioning it off to the highest bidder. Now comes the obligatory, “Show up, speak up, rise up.” paragraph.

OK, even though the above-mentioned sentiment has become commonplace amongst the vaccine-risk aware, it does not mean that it lacks validity.

With the passing of Maine’s LD798 and the subsequent removal of religious and philosophical exemptions, our country just picked up speed down the slippery slope toward medical fascism.


  • Strip another state of their freedoms.
  • Ignore thousands of families evidence-based testimony
  • Turn a blind eye to numerous medical professionals vocally opposing LD798
  • Choose pharma-funded propaganda over science.

I could be wrong, but it seems like Maine might have had one too many mercktails and needs someone to call them an Uber. And not to be apocalyptic, but the Vacationland state is merely one frat brother in a whole house of Delta Zeta Pfizer just waiting to remove our medical liberties state-by-state. That’s right, one by one, our states are going to remove our ability to opt out of vaccines.

And that should scare the crap out of you.

If it doesn’t, feel free to return to your Netflix and check out our IG account. If it does, then let’s talk.

What can we do?

First thing is first, find a really good, LOCAL support system. (This goes for divorce too, btw.) As of right now, most everything happens at the state level. Yes, there are random “scary” bills at the federal level but once you realize those bills have a 3% chance of passing, the fear subsides, and you understand that the politicians who propose them, just want attention. So, hook up with your Statewide organization, make fellow CrazyMother friends and dive in!

Secondly, education is key! There is nothing more powerful than an informed mother and with the plethora of books written by doctors, lawyers and scientists in our movement, material to study are never lacking. Make sure to check out our Resources page to find our fave books to begin your vaccine research!

Thirdly, Speak your truth… to everyone! Your friends, neighbors, the grocery store clerk. This one is important because minds CAN be changed with respectful, open dialogue and that’s what we need more of. We need more people who have heard about vaccine injury and understand that there can be severe consequences with vaccination.  

Lastly, Rise Up! Whether it is trekking across state lines to attend a rally (ahem, V.I.E anyone?) or simply showing up to speak with your representative and sharing your personal vaccine injury story with them, the bigger presence we have, the less they can ignore us.

I was thinking of how I could end this post when I happened to glance down at my phone and saw the image I had recently put on my lock screen. It sums up all of the parallels in my life. Both with our amazing movement of CrazyMothers and the transition within my own family. I hope it inspires you, because it certainly inspired me.

“There is nothing more powerful than a woman determined to rise.”

Love and Light,